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Arigold approached us with a proposition to build them a new brand and website. They wanted a brand that represented their reliable and high-class construction and renovation services. Upon our initial drafts, we came up with the idea with the use of gold. Gold can represent high quality and bespoke service. We decided to experiment with various colours. The client agreed with our solution of using the colour combination of gold and charcol black.

Arigold Services

We sat down with Arigold and discussed the different services they offer. We agreed that we should create individual pages for every service in their line of work. We concluded we will create 5 core service pages.
  • Maintenance Work
  • New Builds
  • Building Refurbishment
  • Rip Outs and Removals
  • Scaffolding.
 We created indivudal service pages because we believe it will cover a wider range of keywords. Having more keywords detected by search engines means better coverage of search results.

The Final Results

Arigold were very satisfied with the end result of the website and branding. The branding was used on all their fleet vehicles, business cards and workwear. The website is attracting new visters every day and in turn bringing in new leads.
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arigold solutions

AriGold Solutions

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